Gardening needn’t be hard work! Spend more time on the things that really matter

Most people want a lawn that looks great but don’t have the time to look after it. A grass lawn requires so much maintenance such as mowing and weeding and constant wear and tear can cause unsightly bare patches while autumn/winter or spells of wet weather results in limited usage of a natural grass lawn. Also, the placement of kids’ outdoor swings or slides commonly causes patches which become hard in dry weather and muddy in wet weather.

Our artificial grass requires almost zero maintenance making it an extremely good investment in the long term.

Maintenance free artificial grass lawns

Time to start enjoying your lawn!

So, save both your time, energy, backache and money with a PST Lawn and put your lawnmower, garden strimmer and watering can into storage. Our artificial grass lawns simply require an occasional sweep to remove any surface debris such as leaves, etc. or you can use the garden hose.

Our artificial grass is made from 100% permeable material meaning any excess water, including rain water, will soak right through it. We will also ensure adequate drainage is in place so garden puddles will become a thing of the past.

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