22.50 m² (Inc. VAT)

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Note: The quantity you choose below is in m2. FRESH Cut comes in 4m width rolls. Firstly select the roll width and then select the length you require in metres.

Technical Data
Pile Height: 38mm
Yarn weight: 1499g/sqm ±10%
Role width: Available in 4m width rolls
Role length: 25m
8 years warranty
Total Area (sq m)
Product Price


One of our most popular artificial grass products, FRESH Cut gives a natural effect of a freshly mowed lawn making it perfect for home gardens. It’s also ideal for kids play areas, créches, decking and patios, rooftop gardens & more. It’s UV resistant, so won’t fade and is fully permeable allowing any rain water to drain away quickly creating a year-round freshly mowed look. 

FRESH Cut requires so much less maintenance than a natural grass lawn. The artificial grass fibres stay upright for longer and the thatch layer of short curly yarn increases the stability of the longer fibres and adds body to the artificial grass.  


Child safe
Pst friendly
Green all year round
Low maintenance