5 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Your Garden

Artificial grass lawns

There are many reasons to choose an artificial grass lawn over real grass. With PST Lawns you get a high quality natural looking lawn without all the hassle and upkeep. Artificial grass requires virtually no maintenance, is child safe and pet friendly as well as being 100% safe & environmentally friendly.

Lower Maintenance Costs

When the weather is destroying your garden, grass lawns can cause a serious headache. Grass lawns require mowing, trimming, weeding, etc. that takes money and time to maintain. Our artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed, trimmed, or treated with any chemicals. It is also made from 100% permeable material meaning any excess water, including rain water, will soak right through it. We will also ensure adequate drainage is in place so garden puddles will become a thing of the past. All that is required from you is an occasional sweep to remove any debris, e.g. leaves, and your garden will look immaculate with little effort.

Cost Effective

You save time and money by choosing artificial grass. To maintain a natural grass lawn, it requires a lot of time and money. You make one long term investment and then sit back and relax knowing your garden will remain in top condition for many years.

Reduced Allergies

Nearly 500,000 people in Ireland suffer from asthma with about 70% of these people also having hay fever. Allergies are extremely annoying and disheartening during periods of good weather and being around grass lawns may stimulate your allergies. Pollen released by plants and grass can trigger an allergic reaction in hay fever victims, which causes them to feel congested, scratch, itch, sneeze, etc. Artificial grass is a perfect solution. It can definitely alleviate the stress of going outside and sparking an allergic reaction.

Looks Great All Year Round

Artificial grass looks as realistic and as green as natural grass. You want a garden to look as good in the depths of winter as it does in the middle of the summer and artificial grass lawns enable that. Our artificial grass is suitable for playground equipment and garden furniture so it’s ready to be designed, decorated, and customised to the client’s needs.

Eco-friendly & Safe

They are great for the environment in a lot of different ways. They don’t require watering and petrol fumes from a lawnmower. Our artificial grass provide a clean, safe area for your kids to play and it’s also ideal for pets. The non-slip, hard wearing surface make muddy footprints…& paw prints… a thing of the past.

If you are thinking of installing an artificial grass lawn we would love to hear from you. LoCall: 0818 917 006 or Email: hello@PSTlawns.ie. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via the website and one of our team will get back to you.