Our synthetic grass provides a clean, dry lawn that your pets will love. It’s incredibly durable and really easy to look after. What our clients love most? Clean paws and no more digging – most dogs stop digging after artificial grass is installed as they no longer get the scent of the soil.

Pictured below: Synthetic lawn in County Dublin. These guys couldn’t wait to try out their new garden. They absolutely love it! It’s clean, dry and there won’t be any more mucky paw prints back in the house.

synthetic turf for pets

How to clean up after pets

Our artificial grass doesn’t stain if your pet chooses to use it as a toilet!  Any droppings can easily be picked up and all you need is a quick rinse with the garden hose to take care of any odours. Any water will run away easily as our grass is fully permeable with excellent drainage. 

Pictured below: A garden we installed for a homeowner in Dublin. This guy couldn’t wait to try it out!
synthetic grass for pets

No more mucky paw prints with synthetic grass

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