LUSH Green is a superior landscape product with an authentic look and feel. It’s UV resistant, so won’t fade and is fully permeable ensuring that any rainwater runs away quite quickly creating a year-round freshly mowed look.

The grass fibres are extremely soft underfoot yet incredibly strong making it perfect for home gardens, kids play areas, putting green fringes and more. The thatch layer with short curly fibres. gives LUSH Green its added body and stabilizes the taller blades of artificial grass. Once installed we use fine silica sand as infill to further increase the lifespan of your lawn.

LUSH Green artificial carpet - PST Lawns

Child safe grass carpet
Pet friendly grass carpet
Green all year round
Low maintenance

How much will it cost?

Our LUSH Green artificial grass costs €33 per m2 (including VAT) for grass only.

Artificial grass plus installation will vary depending on the individual project and the type of surface the artificial grass is being installed on. Get in touch today – CONTACT US or LoCall: 1890 917 006.

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