Installation Steps

✅ Remove approximately 120mm topsoil from ground.

✅ Level formation.

✅ Lay geotextile membrane over area. (optional)

✅ Import 100mm deep of 20-30mm clean crushed angular stone (not round as it won’t bind).

✅ Compact with whacker plate.

✅ Level with 25mm deep of quarry screenings.

✅ Compact with whacker plate.

✅ Lay Shock Pad. (optional)

✅ Lay artificial grass carpet.

✅ Infill with silica sand- brush to ensure even spread.

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Ready for Summer

PST Lawns supply high quality artificial grass all over Ireland. Our artificial grass is the perfect option for home gardens, kids play areas, home putting greens, créches and more.

Artificial grass is the ideal alternative to a real grass lawn, soft, resilient, incredibly hardwearing and weatherproof, no matter what our good old Irish weather throws at us. It also requires very little maintenance. All you need to do occasionally is use a yard brush or stiff bristled brush to sweep the surface to remove any debris and keep the grass fibres standing upright. This will ensure your lawn stays looking great all year round and increases the lifespan of the surface.

Tips for looking after your artificial grass.

We have a number of superior grass products to choose from, all with varying pile heights (Valu EVERlast, TRU Grass, FRESH Cut and LUSH Green) as well as TEE Green golf grass and multi coloured MULTI Use artificial grass.

If you’re thinking of a garden makeover we would love to hear from you. Talk to our team today.

LoCall 0818 917 006 | Email:

Alternatively, you can get in touch via our CONTACT US page.

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Irish Sailing Foundation – Artificial Grass Outdoor Gym

The new Performance HQ is located on the grounds of the Commissioners of Irish Lights in Dun Laoghaire. Funded by the Irish Sailing Foundation, Its aim is to improve both educational and training opportunities for the Irish sailing teams in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The outside area consists of three converted shipping containers, to be used for briefings and athlete education etc. The area between the containers was earmarked for a gym/training area using our low-pile height artificial gym grass plus shock pad.

PST Lawns’ artificial gym turf is extremely versatile and an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor training surfaces. It’s incredibly tough and hard wearing, yet creates a soft, smooth surface that is ideal for intense training, circuits, pulling, dragging and heavy weights  etc. The additional shock pad layer underneath the carpet provides extra cushioning and shock absorption, exactly what you need from a multi-use training area.

Irish sailing foundation multi use artificial grass
If you have any questions about our artificial grass products we would love to hear from you. You can CONTACT US via the website, alternatively email or Locall 0818 917 006.

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Why Artificial Grass Is The Best Option For You

Why choose PST Lawns artificial grass

More and more people are looking to install artificial grass in their gardens so that they can enjoy it all year round. Having artificial grass installed in your garden means that you and your kids can make use of the garden, no matter the weather. And you won’t have to clean any muddy footprints in the house! Here are some reasons why you should consider installing artificial grass in your garden:

Why Artificial Grass Is The Best Option For Your Garden

It’s Durable

PST Lawns’ artificial grass products are designed to last. Wear and tear can turn natural grass areas into an unsightly mud patch. Our artificial grass products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they last for years and years. We also use a silica sand infill to ensure maximum longevity for our products.

It’s Clean

With artificial grass there will be no more muddy clothes or footprints being dragged into the house. Because our products are permeable, any rain water will simply drain away. Any leaves or debris can simply be swept away, and any mess from pets can be picked up and disposed of!

It’s Safe

Our products are CE approved and ROHS compliant, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used during manufacturing. For added safety, we can also install Shock Pad underlay to provide additional cushioning. Shock Pad is extremely popular in gardens or areas that will be used by kids.

It’s Realistic

We have carefully chosen artificial grass products that look, and feel like the real thing. You will get the benefit of a natural looking lawn that requires very little maintenance, so you can get rid of that lawnmower! PST Lawns’ artificial grass products are also UV resistant so you don’t need to worry about your grass colour fading over time.

It’s Versatile

PST Lawns can also install our artificial grass onto decking, patios, concrete and even rooftops! Dull areas can be transformed instantly with our products, giving you a vibrant area to enjoy. We can also supply materials only for those of you that wish to complete the installation yourself.

Contact us for a quotation today.

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Artificial Grass for Landscapers

high quality artificial grass for home gardens

We’re often asked by landscapers if we provide a ‘supply only’ option, and the answer is yes! PST Lawns can cut our artificial grass to the required length and deliver it nationwide. Alternatively, your pre-cut rolls can be collected from our warehouse at no extra cost!

Our artificial grass products are available in 4m x 25m rolls and can be cut to length as required. We also have a limited number of 2m wide rolls in certain products. Joining tape and glue can be supplied if needed.

Contact us today to request free samples!

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What is Shock Pad?

Artificial grass for gardens - PST Lawns fake grass experts

PST Lawns’ Shock Pad is a 10mm thick foam pad that is installed underneath our artificial grass. Shock Pad provides excellent impact protection and cushioning and we would recommend that it is installed in any play area for children. Schools and creches often install artificial grass to give their children an outdoor play area that can be used in all weather conditions. The addition of a Shock Pad underlay will give teachers and childcare assistants reassurance that the children are protected when they stumble, fall or jump on the ground.

Shock pad for artificial grass & astro turf - PST Lawns artificial grass carpet

Can Shock Pad be installed in gardens?

Of course it can! If your garden is used as a play area, Shock Pad can give you piece of mind that any impact from falls or bumps is minimised. Very often our Shock Pad is installed near trampolines, swing sets or play equipment. Coupled with our artificial grass, your garden will be a safe, clean and hard wearing place for everyone to enjoy!

What about concrete, paving or decking?

No problem! Our Shock Pad can be laid over almost any surface. Installing artificial grass onto concrete, gravel, paving or decking is a popular option for many people. Having a layer of Shock Pad underlay will ensure that your new lawn feels soft and safe underfoot.

Shock Pad is also a great option for gyms and sports clubs looking for an indoor functional training area for members and players. Get in touch with us for a quote today!

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Artificial Grass Installation Over Gravel

Artificial grass over gravel

Brighten Up Your Garden With Artificial Grass

Gravel is often installed when people are looking for a low maintenance, hard wearing garden. It is certainly hard wearing but can prove difficult to maintain, especially if weeds or grass begin to grow up through it. And it can look boring and monotonous after a while.

PST Lawns artificial grass can be installed directly over gravel in most cases, transforming gardens into a vibrant and inviting space. Providing there is good drainage, we can compact and level the existing gravel, top up with a layer of sand and lay our artificial grass directly on top!

You can also install our Shock Pad underneath the artificial grass carpet to provide additional cushioning underfoot. Shock Pad is a great option for families with young children who will be playing on their new lawn no matter the weather.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

Installing over gravel can also be a cheaper option than a full installation. Contact us today to find out more about our premium range of artificial grass products.

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Artificial Grass, Astro Turf, Synthetic Turf, Fake Grass-it’s all the same right?

EVERgreen artificial grass for gardens

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

The artificial grass used for residential and corporate landscaping is specifically designed to look and feel like real grass without the need for constant care and maintenance. Usually these artificial grasses have a pile height of 30-40mm and only require sand infill to give a more stable base underfoot. PST Lawns’ TRU Grass, FRESH Cut and EVERGreen are ideal for residential gardens and corporate spaces.


Artificial Grass for Sports Pitches

All Weather Sports Pitches

GAA, soccer and rugby pitches require artificial grass that has a much higher pile height, usually 50-60mm. Both sand and rubber infill are then used to allow the artificial grass carpet to perform like a natural grass playing pitch. PST Sport are a leading installer of all weather pitches across Ireland and the UK.



TEE Green artificial grass for putting greens

Home Putting Greens

Putting greens require an artificial grass carpet with a pile height of 13-18mm. The shorter pile height gives a consistent, true ball roll. TEE Green is a high quality artificial grass carpet for home putting greens. We supply the highest quality artificial grass products all over Ireland. Contact us for a quote today.



multi use artificial grass

Multi Use Games Areas

MUGAs are a popular option for schools as it allows for a number of different sports to be played, including basketball, hockey, football and tennis. A 24mm pile height gives the ideal surface for multi use and a sand infill provides stability and durability underfoot. PST Lawns MULTI Use artificial grass also has split fibre technology which further increases the durability of our installations.

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