By installing our artificial grass yourself you’ll save a good deal of money, and if you have basic DIY skills it’s very straightforward. So, time to retire your lawnmower and check out our easy to follow step-by-step installation guide. Using only basic hand tools or simple power tools you’ll be able to transform your garden in no time.

WATCH: How to Lay Artificial Grass – Our DIY Installation Guide

Step-by-Step- Guide

STEP 1 – Measure your garden

✅ Measure your garden – in m2 if you can. Make sure you allow for some extra length as you will lose some when trimming and fitting.

STEP 2 – Order your artificial grass

✅ Call Rúairí or Una to order your artificial grass – CONTACT US

✅ We supply the highest quality artificial grass nationwide and offer a range of grass styles available in 2m, 3.75 and 4m rolls. Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the best product for your garden!

STEP 3 – Excavate the existing surface

✅ Spray areas with a weed killer about 2 weeks before the installation. All grass and roots must be entirely removed.

✅ Get rid of the top level of soil and excavate the surface to the required level. You want to make sure you create a nice flat and even surface for your artificial grass. Remove sod from the ground to approx. 150mm.

STEP 4 – Create a solid base

✅ You can lay geotextile terram over the area. This is optional.

✅ Import 100mm deep of 20-30mm clean crushed angular stone – not round as it won’t bind.

✅ Compact with a whacker plate and level.

✅ Level with 25mm deep of quarry dust/screenings.

✅ Compact with a whacker plate to provide as smooth a surface as possible for the artificial grass.

✅ Your stone base should finish 20mm-30mm below the adjoining surface.

✅ If you are also installing shock pad underlay, the base should finish 10mm deeper.

✅ CONCRETE – Remove any loose debris and make sure that the surface is dry.

Note: PST Lawns supply shock pad, glue, seam tape and high-grade silica sand if required.

STEP 5 – Laying your artificial grass

✅ First, lay out each roll of grass ensuring the pile of each piece falls in the same direction allowing an overhang of approx. 100mm.

✅ For best results, we recommend that the pile should always be laid facing the house, so that when you look from the house you look into the pile.

✅ Cut along any edges and around any objects with a stanley knife to create a flawless look around edges.

✅ Join two pieces of artificial grass with seam tape & adhesive (or PST Lawns self-adhesive seam tape).

STEP 6 – Sand infill

✅ Sand infill ensures your grass is weighed down and the blades remain standing. This protects your lawn and extends its lifespan.

✅ If your turf is laying flat, brush the fibers upright before applying silica sand.

✅ Spread sand evenly over the surface and use a stiff bristle brush to work the sand against the fibres.

✅ Walk all around on your finished install area to ensure there are no high or low spots in your infill.

Enjoy your garden!

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