Our Mission

At PST Lawns our mission is to provide the best artificial grass products that enhance the lives of families by offering a clean, safe outdoor space that all the family can enjoy.

Gardening needn’t be hard work!

PST Lawns artificial grass is perfect for any outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round, no matter what the weather. Muddy footprints? Not any more. Out artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and is also a great option for créches and playschools providing a safe, non-slip and clean place for kids to play.

We are an Irish owned and operated company offering a nationwide service. Our dedicated team work closely with each and every client delivering a top-quality artificial grass product to ensure you get the garden of your dreams. We offer a range of artificial grass types that suit various residential and commercial uses. One of the best benefits of our artificial grass is that it requires almost zero maintenance.

Our sister company, PST Sport, is a leading installer of artificial grass pitches across Ireland and the UK with over 12 years’ experience in the industry.

“With over 12 years’ experience delivering the perfect alternative to natural grass we are committed to offering our customers a superior quality product”

Pictured below: Recent artificial grass installation projects by the PST Lawns team
artificial grass installation projects


Our employees are PST Lawns’ best asset and always go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Colin Teahon MD at PST LawnsColin Teahon, Managing Director
Ruairi Kelly - Sales & Marketing Executive at PST LawnsRuairí Kelly, Sales & Marketing Executive
Helen Kelly - Marketing Manager at PST LawnsHelen Kelly, Marketing Manager

Colin Teahon – Managing Director

My name is Colin Teahon, Managing Director of PST Sport and PST Lawns. Our PST Lawns artificial grass products have been developed with the homeowner in mind – put it this way PST Lawns sprung from the need to spend less time working in the garden and more time enjoying it.

I’m not by any means what you would call ‘green-fingered’ but I like being outdoors. I have a young family and wanted a fun, clean and safe area for the kids to play. After spending years focusing on bringing superior quality artificial grass to the field of sport, I decided to use a similar superior quality product for the residential market that offers a clean, practical and hassle-free option to homeowners around Ireland.

What makes us unique? We bring all of our expertise and knowledge from the sporting world via PST Sport directly to your door to deliver high quality residential artificial grass lawns all over Ireland. Our installers are leading experts in the field with over a decade’s experience and will happily guide you through every step of the process.

Ruairí Kelly – Sales & Marketing Executive

e – ruairi.kelly@PSTlawns.ie
t – 087 766 8045

Based out of our head office in Tralee, County Kerry, Ruairí has contributed significantly to the continued growth and success of PST Lawns.

Having lived and worked in Australia for a number of years, Ruairí brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise having previously gained extensive experience in sales and event management. Ruairi’s sales background means that he strives to deliver excellent customer service, making sure that each and every customer gets the best advice and service to suit their needs.

Ruairí works closely with PST Lawns’ clients and manages each project from initial contact right through to completed installation.


Eddie O’Brien – Installation Manager

Eddie, an industry veteran, has over 15 years’ experience working with homeowners all over Ireland transforming dull, neglected gardens into clean, safe and durable outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by all the family, all year round.

Eddie is responsible for managing PST Lawns’ highly skilled team of installers. Eddie works closely with Ruairí to plan and oversee each installation project.


Helen Kelly – Marketing Manager

e – helen.kelly@PSTlawns.ie
t – 087 161 9747

Helen is an experienced and data-driven marketing manager who is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of PST Lawns. Helen specialises in multi-platform digital marketing and also manages the diverse print and offline marketing materials and corporate communications.

Helen is responsible for driving our social media across all platforms and well as website development. In addition, Helen manages and oversees exhibitions and events, charitable partnerships, media relations and more.