Our Top Tips

  • Your garden hose is ideal for washing away any spillages etc. Dog mess can be picked up in a bag and any residue rinsed away with the garden hose. PST Lawns artificial grass is fully permeable with excellent drainage and very quick drying.
  • An ordinary brush will be the only gardening tool you need – and perfect for giving the blades of grass a ‘spruce-up’.
  • Have a ban on chewing gum – yes, we mean it, after all a chewing gum free home is a more harmonious home!
  • If you’re having a barbeque don’t place the barbeque directly on the artificial grass. It’s not a fire hazard but it may damage it. If there’s no other alternative to outside cooking, make sure you cover the grass to provide additional protection.
  • Falling leaves, twigs or other garden debris can easily be taken care of with a garden rake.