Artificial Grass, Astro Turf, Synthetic Turf, Fake Grass-it’s all the same right?

Artificial grass is often called by different names – astro turf, fake grass, synthetic turf. Although these terms are used by many people to describe similar products, artificial grasses are not all the same and there are several differences between the type of artificial grass used in sports pitches, gardens, putting greens and Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs).

EVERgreen artificial grass for gardens

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

The artificial grass used for residential and corporate landscaping is specifically designed to look and feel like real grass without the need for constant care and maintenance. Usually these artificial grasses have a pile height of 30-40mm and only require sand infill to give a more stable base underfoot. PST Lawns’ TRU Grass, FRESH Cut and EVERGreen are ideal for residential gardens and corporate spaces.


Artificial Grass for Sports Pitches

All Weather Sports Pitches

GAA, soccer and rugby pitches require artificial grass that has a much higher pile height, usually 50-60mm. Both sand and rubber infill are then used to allow the artificial grass carpet to perform like a natural grass playing pitch. PST Sport are a leading installer of all weather pitches across Ireland and the UK.



TEE Green artificial grass for putting greens

Home Putting Greens

Putting greens require an artificial grass carpet with a pile height of 13-18mm. The shorter pile height gives a consistent, true ball roll. TEE Green is a high quality artificial grass carpet for home putting greens. We supply the highest quality artificial grass products all over Ireland. Contact us for a quote today.



multi use artificial grass

Multi Use Games Areas

MUGAs are a popular option for schools as it allows for a number of different sports to be played, including basketball, hockey, football and tennis. A 24mm pile height gives the ideal surface for multi use and a sand infill provides stability and durability underfoot. PST Lawns MULTI Use artificial grass also has split fibre technology which further increases the durability of our installations.