Why Artificial Grass Is The Best Option For You

Why choose PST Lawns artificial grass

More and more people are looking to install artificial grass in their gardens so that they can enjoy it all year round. Having artificial grass installed in your garden means that you and your kids can make use of the garden, no matter the weather. And you won’t have to clean any muddy footprints in the house! Here are some reasons why you should consider installing artificial grass in your garden:

Why Artificial Grass Is The Best Option For Your Garden

It’s Durable

PST Lawns’ artificial grass products are designed to last. Wear and tear can turn natural grass areas into an unsightly mud patch. Our artificial grass products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they last for years and years. We also use a silica sand infill to ensure maximum longevity for our products.

It’s Clean

With artificial grass there will be no more muddy clothes or footprints being dragged into the house. Because our products are permeable, any rain water will simply drain away. Any leaves or debris can simply be swept away, and any mess from pets can be picked up and disposed of!

It’s Safe

Our products are CE approved and ROHS compliant, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used during manufacturing. For added safety, we can also install Shock Pad underlay to provide additional cushioning. Shock Pad is extremely popular in gardens or areas that will be used by kids.

It’s Realistic

We have carefully chosen artificial grass products that look, and feel like the real thing. You will get the benefit of a natural looking lawn that requires very little maintenance, so you can get rid of that lawnmower! PST Lawns’ artificial grass products are also UV resistant so you don’t need to worry about your grass colour fading over time.

It’s Versatile

PST Lawns can also install our artificial grass onto decking, patios, concrete and even rooftops! Dull areas can be transformed instantly with our products, giving you a vibrant area to enjoy. We can also supply materials only for those of you that wish to complete the installation yourself.

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