TRU Grass - 30mm artificial grass for landscaping

TRU Grass 30mm

TRU Grass artificial grass has endless outdoor uses. It’s perfect for residential gardens, childcare centres, rooftops/balconies, patios and more. It’s also ideal for indoor use in commercial spaces, for exhibitions and gyms and leisure centres. It looks and feels just like natural grass and is perfect for heavy traffic areas. TRU Grass comes in 3.75m wide rolls and we will cut the grass to whatever length you require.

Technical Data
Pile Height: 30mm
Yarn weight: 1401g/sqm ±10%
Roll width: Available in 3.75m width rolls
Roll length: 25m
8 years warranty


 - Superior 30mm artificial grass
 - Super soft, safe, and perfect for play areas
 - Easy to install
 - Can be laid over almost any surface
 - Minimal maintenance required
 - Pets love it too!


CONTACT US today to order your artificial grass or visit our office in Tralee. Collect direct from our warehouse or we can arrange delivery nationwide.


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