Can artificial grass be installed on decking or paving?

Artificial Grass Over Paving

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Although they seem like a maintenance free option, decking and paving stones require a lot of care and attention. By installing artificial grass you will eliminate the need for intense weeding, cleaning and brushing. Giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden!

Create a non-slip surface

PST Lawns’ artificial grass can transform decking or paving that may be treacherous in wet weather into a non-slip area that is safe for everyone. Garden steps that may have been tricky to negotiate in the rain will no longer be a cause for concern. Our artificial grass products are extremely durable meaning they are perfect for high traffic areas.

Safe for kids

We can also install our Shock Pad when covering concrete paving or decking areas to provide a softer, and safer, area for kids to play. Shock Pad is laid directly under our grass carpet and provides additional shock absorption which reduces the risk of injury.

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Synthetic Grass for Gyms

Synthetic Grass for Gyms

Functional Training Zones

Functional training zones have become a big part of gyms in recent years. More and more people are now engaging in functional training as the fitness industry continues to boom in Ireland, and worldwide. This back-to-basics approach to training has seen prowlers, sleds and tyres become an integral part of any modern gym.

Our synthetic grass is ideal for use with sleds and prowlers allowing them to glide across the surface without sticking or causing damage. The grass surface will also give users a better grip which means they can push their training to the limits without having to worry about losing their footing.

Artificial Grass for Functional Training Zone

Plyometric exercises, tyre flips and SAQ are also suited to being carried out on a non-slip, durable artificial grass surface. Aesthetically speaking, an artificial grass area can make a gym or training facility more exciting, colourful and appealing to current and future members.

Our products are also extremely durable and require very little maintenance. Contact PST Lawns today to discuss how a synthetic grass functional training area can benefit your gym or sports club.


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Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Pets

Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial grass for pets is a safe and clean way to ensure your garden keeps looking green and grassy all year long. And you won’t have the hassle of grass cutting, weeding or fertilising! Your pet will love a PST Lawns artificial grass garden, and so will you!

Durable and Hassle Free

An artificial grass lawn will stand up to wear and tear year after year, making it a perfect choice for gardens that get high volumes of usage or traffic.

Clean Garden, Clean House

The days of cleaning muddy paw prints will be over with a PST Lawns garden! Your pets will be able to enjoy the garden hail, rain or shine, without destroying the house. Our artificial grass also doesn’t stain if your pet uses it to do their business! Any mess can easily be picked up and a quick spray with the garden hose will take care of any odours.

Great for Kennels or Dog Runs

Our artificial grass will ensure that your kennel or dog run stands up to being used day after day. Your pet will still love having the soft, natural feel of grass under their paws!

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5 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Your Garden

Artificial grass lawns

Lower Maintenance Costs

When the weather is destroying your garden, grass lawns can cause a serious headache. Grass lawns require mowing, trimming, weeding, etc. that takes money and time to maintain. Our artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed, trimmed, or treated with any chemicals. It is also made from 100% permeable material meaning any excess water, including rain water, will soak right through it. We will also ensure adequate drainage is in place so garden puddles will become a thing of the past. All that is required from you is an occasional sweep to remove any debris, e.g. leaves, and your garden will look immaculate with little effort.

Cost Effective

You save time and money by choosing artificial grass. To maintain a natural grass lawn, it requires a lot of time and money. You make one long term investment and then sit back and relax knowing your garden will remain in top condition for many years.

Reduced Allergies

Nearly 500,000 people in Ireland suffer from asthma with about 70% of these people also having hay fever. Allergies are extremely annoying and disheartening during periods of good weather and being around grass lawns may stimulate your allergies. Pollen released by plants and grass can trigger an allergic reaction in hay fever victims, which causes them to feel congested, scratch, itch, sneeze, etc. Artificial grass is a perfect solution. It can definitely alleviate the stress of going outside and sparking an allergic reaction.

Looks Great All Year Round

Artificial grass looks as realistic and as green as natural grass. You want a garden to look as good in the depths of winter as it does in the middle of the summer and artificial grass lawns enable that. Our artificial grass is suitable for playground equipment and garden furniture so it’s ready to be designed, decorated, and customised to the client’s needs.

Eco-friendly & Safe

They are great for the environment in a lot of different ways. They don’t require watering and petrol fumes from a lawnmower. Our artificial grass provide a clean, safe area for your kids to play and it’s also ideal for pets. The non-slip, hard wearing surface make muddy footprints…& paw prints… a thing of the past.

If you are thinking of installing an artificial grass lawn we would love to hear from you. LoCall: 0818 917 006 or Email: Alternatively, you can contact us directly via the website and one of our team will get back to you.


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Sandymount Garden With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass lawn in Sandymount

This back garden in Sandymount, Co. Dublin had started to show signs of wear and tear. But being used as a football pitch will do that to a garden!

Maintenance Free Garden

Our artificial grass was used to give the whole family a space that can be used all year round, no matter the weather. And with virtually zero-maintenance.

A Garden That’s Safe (and Clean!) for Children

Our artificial grass products are child safe, extremely durable and clean. So there won’t be any more muck and dirt dragged into the house after the kids have finished playing!

Want Artificial Grass in Your Garden?

PST Lawns supply high quality artificial grass all over Dublin so why not get in touch today and we’ll help you choose the perfect grass for your garden –  Click here to contact us.


Artificial Grass Garden in Sandymount, Dublin


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How To Save Time and Money On Your Garden Maintenance

PST Lawns artificial garden grass

Setting time aside every week on your garden’s upkeep may not be possible and it can also end up being very costly. Either you don’t have the spare time or indeed, working in the garden may be something you actually don’t enjoy.

With a PST Lawn you can say goodbye to all those garden chores. You’ll have happy kids and pets as well as an all season outside space.

Once installed, your artificial grass lawn can last anything from 10 to 15 years with very little maintenance. Check out our maintenance tips CLICK HERE. Also, by looking after your synthetic grass lawn you’ll be extending its lifespan, making it a very sensible investment.

So if you’re looking for a hassle free garden that looks great all year round with minimal fuss you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’d like to cover your entire lawn or just a portion of it our team will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.


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